Our mission is to create or transform people’s homes to a beautiful and quality place of living.

This goal can be approached by either building a custom home from scratch or remodeling your current one.

Custom Home Option

Build & Fix Inc. provides a wide range of services from designing to completing your dream custom home. We can help you organize your ideas, recommend latest industry materials, and compose a building plan together that fits within your budget. Our company has trusted suppliers and a talented team of professional workers who can ensure that the building process of your custom home will be smooth and joyful for everyone. If you’re tired of looking for a house that fits your needs and matches your tastes, then it’s time to call Build & Fix Inc. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss how we can build an affordable home for you in a desired period of time!

Remodeling Option

If you are disappointed that your house is getting old, or may be it doesn’t satisfy your necessities? Call Build & Fix Inc. to discuss simple and easy remodeling options! We provide a full spectrum of remodeling services that can revive and brighten your house in days! Your home will be new, comfortable and cozy again!